Business Transformation & Operational Excellence World Summit (BTOES 2020)

The Largest Premier Cross-Industry Gathering of Business Transformation & Operational Excellence Industry Leaders & Senior-Executives.


- March 2020


Loews Portofino Bay Hotel at Universal Orlando™


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Day 1 - Monday | Full-Day Workshops | 23rd March 2020

Ligurian Foyer | Breakfast and Networking

Main Foyer | Registration

Excellence & Innovation Acceleration: Unleashing the Power of Great People and Organizations

Venetian 1 & 2 | Full day Workshop | Operational Excellence Summit

Excellence & Innovation Acceleration: Unleashing the Power of Great People and Organizations


Excellence & Innovation is an integrated program for innovation, leadership development, strategy execution and value creation. It combines disciplined innovation methods with elements of venture capitalism, crowdsourcing and collaborative leadership to deliver rapid and sustainable business improvements and innovations in any industry. 

Its track record of innovation, leadership development, strategy execution and value creation for over a decade has won industry awards and accolades worldwide, including the 2015 Global Award of Excellence, the 2016 Top U.S. Private Company for Leaders and the 2017 Business Transformation & Operational Excellence World Summit.

 You will learn:

  • How to build a sustainable culture of Excellence & Innovation anywhere in the world

  • How to identify or develop highly engaged innovators and entrepreneurs in your organization 

  • How to select, prioritize and accelerate high impact, innovation projects 

Hands-On Experience Includes: 

  • Interactive exercises demonstrating powerful Excellence & Innovation concepts in action

  • Review of award-winning Excellence & Innovation mechanisms, methods and projects

  • Team challenges to foster intense collaboration, innovation and leadership networking

What makes this course special?

The interactive masterclass is led by the creator of the award-winning Excellence & Innovation program (see masterclass leader). It is a comprehensive guide for leaders and practitioners, loaded with proven methods and backed by a strong track record of results to accelerate innovation, leadership development, strategy execution and value creation in any industry. 

Excellence & Innovation acceleration, culture and business transformation, and operational excellence includes more than 30,000 professionals and 100 clients in energy, oil & gas, power generation, telecommunications, technology, finance, banking, insurance, law, healthcare, transportation, infrastructure, electronics, semiconductors, food, manufacturing, education, government and non-profit organizations in more than 20 countries.

How will you benefit?

Gain the insights and mechanisms necessary to accelerate innovation, leadership development, strategy execution and value creation in any organization, globally.

Course Structure / Detailed Agenda

The one-day Excellence & Innovation Acceleration masterclass on Monday, March 23 provides extensive leadership coverage of how to accelerate innovation, leadership development, strategy execution and value creation in any organization. Innovation leaders and practitioners with multi-industry experiences will demonstrate how to identify, prioritize and accelerate value creation and strategy execution initiatives in any business. Attendees will discover how to leverage elements of venture capitalism, crowdsourcing and collaborative leadership to build a global culture of innovation that lasts.

The exclusive, full-day masterclass at BTOES 2020 includes: 

  • A structured and disciplined approach to leadership development, business innovation and growth

  • How to build a culture of excellence and innovation anywhere in the world

  • How to identify or develop innovators and entrepreneurs in your organization 

  • How to select, prioritize and accelerate innovation projects 

  • Review of award-winning Excellence & Innovation mechanisms, methods and projects

  • Interactive exercises demonstrating powerful Excellence & Innovation concepts in action 

Breakfast, lunch and all materials provided.

Who Should Attend?

  • CEOs, COOs CSOs, CIOs, CTOs, CAOs, CMOs, CFOs, CLOs, Chief Excellence Officers

  • Heads of / SVP & VP Global Operations, Global Operational Excellence Leader

  • Global Heads, Heads of, EVPs, SVPs, VPs, Directors of Business ExcellenceBusiness Transformation, Innovation Excellence, Innovation Deployment, Value Creation, Productivity, Operational Excellence, Continuous Improvement, Process Excellence, Exponential Technologies, OpEx, Process Engineering, Strategy ExecutionChange Management, Customer Experience, Lean Enterprise, Capability Excellence, Process Optimization & Process Management.

  • VPs of Global Operational ExcellenceGlobal Continuous Improvement, Process Analysis, Enterprise Risk Management, Global Production & Logistics, Lean & Six Sigma, Operational Excellence & Productivity, Growth Acceleration, Business Process Management.

  • Business Process Management Champions, BPM Project Leaders. 

  • Lean Six Sigma Deployment Leaders / Champions / Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belts

  • Directors of Operations, Process Re-Engineering, Productivity, BPM, Lean Six Sigma, Continuous Improvement, Business Reengineering, Performance Excellence, Operational Excellence, Innovation, Business Transformation, Process Analysis, Data Science, Exponential technologies, Manufacturing.

Excellence & Innovation Acceleration: Unleashing the Power of Great People and Organizations  

About the Executive Masterclass Leader

José Pires serves as Excellence & Innovation (E&I) executive leader and advisor for companies ranging from startups to Fortune 50, where he oversees the global identification, prioritization and execution of high value business improvements and innovations for the companies, business partners and customers in multiple markets.

Pires has held Excellence & Innovation leadership positions in large, global companies in the electronics (Sony), semiconductor (Cymer-ASML), food (Nestlé), energy/water/telecommunications infrastructure (Black & Veatch) and oil & gas/energy (Andeavor-MPC) industries. Throughout his career, Pires developed and refined E&I as an award-winning program to accelerate innovation, leadership development, strategy execution and value creation globally.

Pires is an advisory board leader and keynote speaker for organizations and global conferences on innovation, operational excellence, leadership development, strategy execution, culture and business transformation, customer engagement, exponential technologies and growth acceleration. 

He is an executive Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt who holds a Bachelor in Engineering Physics from the University of Kansas and a Master in Business Administration focused in Investment Banking and Entrepreneurship from the University of San Diego.


  • José Pires
    Former Global Vice President of Enterprise Business Improvement & Productivity

Mastering Change Management & Cultural Transformation

Ligurian 2 | Full Day workshop | Culture Transformation Summit

Mastering Change Management & Cultural Transformation

A Full-Day Workshop, specially designed to help transformation & change management leaders be successful in driving change in their organizations. 

This course is unique in its approach, as it offers learnings from neuroscience, design thinking and history of world leaders to lend fresh and deep insights on change management. The course blends practice with theory by offering practical hands-on exercises.

This course is meant for mid to senior level executives who run large teams or are responsible for driving change. The goal of the course is to help participants become “masters in change management”.

The course will include content to:

  • Help participants understand the reasons for resistance to change

  • Understand the functioning of the brain to drive acceptance for the desired change

  • Use design thinking to drive inclusion & greater participation in the creation of the future vision

  • Adopt tools to ensure the change sticks

Participants will become proficient at the art & science of change management. They will learn key principles and actions they need to take, and the pitfalls they must avoid, to drive change.

It will be a thoughtful, participative and fun-filled day of learning.


  • Anu George
    Chief Quality and Transformation Officer

Design Thinking Creates World Class Leaders!

Ligurian 3 | Full Day Workshop | Innovation Excellence Summit

Design Thinking Creates World Class Leaders!

Become a design thinking leader who transforms teams and organizations.

Topic Intro:

Design Thinking is in fact becoming a leader’s go-to method for innovation and creative problem solving.  Learn how this effective leadership tool can help you too.

You will learn:

  • Why design thinking is considered a powerful leadership tool

  • The Five spaces of design thinking (DT) and why they matter to you, and your organization

  • Specific design thinking tools and how to apply them

  • Three ways to infuse design thinking into your organization and leadership style

  • Hands-On Experience Includes:

A full cycle design thinking interactive experience which includes a dynamic mix of lecture, demonstration, hands-on teamwork, and reflective practice. Attendees will experience the five spaces of design thinking and learn how to put them into practice with a real challenge. The goal of this workshop it to introduce the transforming power of design thinking to leaders who want to learn how to create relevance in leadership, teams and organizations in a rapidly changing world

Why is this course unique?

Led by Innovation Architect, Dr. Karen Tilstra, PhD and team, this course will immerse you in design thinking. It will take you beyond any talk or article you might read on the subject. Dr. Tilstra and team has launched multiple design thinking innovation labs in substantial organizations like Advent Health (formerly Florida Hospital) as well as the Orlando Magic garnering incredible results. There are few people across the industry with as much hands on experience in understanding and implementing design thinking in large organizations.  Dr. Karen Tilstra and team have designed and facilitated over 350 design thinking projects, while also teaching the method across the country and abroad. They are a dynamic team who understand the topic, while also bring extensive experience in the creative process and how people can use the principles of creative thinking to solve complex problems in any situation.

How To Register

Click here to register.

You have 3 ways to book this full-day workshop. 

Full Day Workshop Only Option (Monday Only)

The Complete Access Pass  (Monday to Thursday includes Workshop on Tuesday and the Main Summit & Awards Program on Wednesday & Thursday) OR 

Diamond Access Pass (Monday to Friday, same as complete access pass, plus Friday workshops, and site tour) 

Course Leaders:

Karen Tilstra, Ph.D, Morgan Hamby, MA, Andy Tilstra, MA, Richard Paul

  • Karen Tilstra
    Co- Founder
  • Morgan Hamby
    Chief Operating Officer

Day 2 - Tuesday | Pre-Summit Workshops & Keynotes | 24th March 2020

Ligurian Foyer | Breakfast & Networking

Main Foyer | Registration

Tuscan Ballroom BTOESHUB | Main Exhibit Hall Set-Up & Poster Presentations Set-Up

Break into Workshops

Ligurian 1 | Workshop A | Operational Excellence Summit

Deploying Toyota Kata to Enable CI Culture Development

Taken from the word for the fundamental movements in Japanese martial arts, a Kata in Lean management terms is a repeated pattern to learn a mindset or a skill. This workshop will lead you through deliberate steps towards developing systematic and scientific routines to enable a sustainable culture of Continuous Improvement within your organisation.

Geared towards Leaders and people managers looking to instigate lasting cultural change, and Lean practitioners who want to learn new skills and gain a refreshed perspective on practical deployment of Kata  

  • A refresher on the fundamentals from defining vision to PDCA cycles

  • Learn proven improvement and coaching kata deployment methodologies  

  • Benefit from real world cases and practice interactive contextual techniques

  • Strengthen your understanding of the context that Toyota Kata provides to apply Lean tools

  • Learn how to align the concepts to your personal objectives

  • Develop daily strategies for reinforcing patterns and disciplines


Ligurian 2 | Workshop B | Business Transformation Summit

How do you Prepare your Strategy for Disruption in your Industry?

This workshop will teach a systematic approach to measuring the value of transformation opportunities and mapping them to strategic objectives at scale and speed. 

  • How do you get a clear centralised view of existing processes and systems?

  • What are the most effective metrics to map value to ROI?

  • What data analytics and gap analysis tools do you need to employ?

  • Why it is essential to take ERP into account to effectively prioritize new initiatives against existing programs 

  • EA level guidance to take into account the interplay between efficiency, customer value and employee engagement objectives

  • Best practice for avoiding duplication of effort

  • Jai Sundararaman
    Vice President - Business Transformation

Ligurian 3 | Workshop C | Culture Transformation Summit

The Recipe for Sustainable Organizational Productivity

For decades organizations have struggled with creating a culture of sustainable productivity. How do you tie strategy, vision, mission, goals, metrics, and employees all together to create a culture that thrives? Most organizations have put all their eggs in one of these baskets, however, the answer lies in the integration of them all. Our ultimate goal should be to create something sustainable, long after we leave. It has to be woven into the fabric of the organization. It requires a “cultural” transformation. So, let’s talk about the RECIPE for success and how each ingredient integrates with the others to form a well-baked highly productive sustainable organization.

Servant Leadership

The first ingredient is usually assumed and taken for granted but is essential to a healthy organization. I call it “Servant” Leadership. Servant leadership is a leadership philosophy in which the main goal of the leader is to serve. This is different from traditional leadership where the leader's main focus is the thriving of their company or organizations. Organizations that embrace servant leadership operate with the client, customer and employees need in mind. They recognize that serving its  “constituents ” develops loyalty and trust that ultimately creates positive vibes and an environment of success. 


Every employee must have a clear understanding of where the organization is headed. Without a Vision, the people perish. Establish a clear, precise vision that is the “north star”.  I often ask organizations if your 5-year vision was across the room and you walked into it, what would it look or feel like? Develop a vision without regard to any restraints. What would you like the organization to ultimately look like 5 years from now?


Most organizations have mission statements. However, they cover a full-page and often most employees do not know what it is. The mission statement is the call to action. It tells the organization what it is committed to doing. For instance, “Using our portfolio of brands to differentiate our content, services, and consumer products, we seek to develop the most creative, innovative and profitable entertainment experiences and related products in the world.” – Walt Disney.  The mission statement is the most critical piece of information that each employee should be given. I encourage organizations to put it on the back of their business cards, open each meeting with the mission statement and include it in email signatures.

SWOT Analysis

The one area where many organizations fail is in understanding its Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats.  Organizations need to do an open and honest assessment of what’s working and what needs improvement. Success is when organizations leverage their strengths, address weaknesses, seize the opportunities and mitigate any threats.

Strategic Priorities

Based on the assessment of the results of the organization, the vision, and mission of the organizations, strategic priorities should reflect the top areas that need to be addressed. Usually 5 to 6 strategic priorities that enable the organization to achieve its mission. These priorities provide the marching orders for all departments to collaborate but also serves as a check and balance on where budget and resources should be applied.

Performance Management Scorecards

Measuring success is key! I often tell organizations, if you want to lose weight, you have to be willing to get on a scale. Organizations have to be willingly measuring their performance based on data. Balanced Scorecards of Key Performance Indicators tell you if what you are doing is working. It also highlights areas of concern and allows organizations to quickly take action.

High-Performance Teams

Lastly, the most important component of any organization is its people. Many organizations take for granted the need to engage employees. Statistics show that organizations thrive when employees are engaged. Also, employees who are engaged perform better. So how do we engage employees and get them committed to the vision, mission, and strategic priorities of the organization? I recommend High-Performance Teams. The common definition of a high-performance team is a group of people who share a common vision, goals, metrics and who challenge and hold each other accountable to drive results. They have a  clear vision of where they are headed and what they want to accomplish.

I encourage organizations to build teams throughout the organization that works on goals that tie to the strategic priorities. At Palm Beach County we have created “Stat” Cross-Department and Cross-Functional teams that use data to analyze process, review metrics and propose solutions. Teams are using the principles of Lean Six Sigma to reduce waste, make processes lean and to drive a culture of continuous process improvement. Best practices for developing these teams include ensuring cross-discipline representation, using data to define problems and solutions, leaving titles at the door and relentless follow-up and accountability.

So there you have the recipe: Servant Leadership, Vision, Mission, SWOT Analysis,  Strategic Priorities, Performance Scorecards, and High-Performance Teams. It is the integration of these ingredients that will drive sustainable and lastly productivity and a culture of continuous process improvement.  

  • Dr. Keith Clinkscales
    Director Strategic Planning & Performance Management

Venetian 1 & 2 | Workshop D | Innovation Excellence Summit

How to drive Innovation in your Enterprise

Vishal will take you through examples of how to drive innovation in your enterprise with a specialist focus on digital, cloud and security and how you can transform these elements of your business across different tpuchpoints including:

  • Talent 

  • Collaboration

  • Driving the right sources of innovation

Referencing specific case studies from his experience in: 

  • Leading a large-scale global technology and product organization

  • Transforming industries by leveraging technologies like Machine Learning, Cloud, IoT, and Agile development

  • Developing award-winning products and partnering with sales to profitably grow the technology products and services business

  • Creating differentiated IoT products, partner eco-systems, and services for multiple sectors

  • Vishal Gupta
    Global CTO and Senior Vice President, Technology


Main Stage Keynote: Mednax

Venetian 1 & 2 | Keynote | Business Transformation Summit

Creating A National Virtual Practice of Medicine in the United States - A Story from the Heart of Transformation

Transforming Healthcare and Health Sciences in the Obamacare era through Simultaneous Process and Technology Digitization, Virtualization, Encryption, Cloud, Hand Held Enablement, and Cognitive Computing. 

  • Virtual Medicine - What are the enabling technologies and the possibilities?

  • Cultural Barriers - How to characterize and overcome resistance to change?

  • Global Impact - Regulatory impediments to worldwide medical care without borders and how to overcome them

  • Professional Medical Engagement Strategy - How speaking the right language was a critical tool for success

  • Patient Care Centricity - Analyzing physician behaviors and procedural efficacy to treat more patients and improve medical outcomes

  • The Impact of Success - The life-saving, life-changing power of virtual medicine

  • Donald Kuk
    Chief Transformation Officer, SVP Operational Excellence and Quality, Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt

Ligurian & Venetian Foyer | Workshop Morning Refreshments

Break into Workshops

Ligurian 1 | Workshop A | Operational Excellence Summit

Standardized Work Implementation

This session will teach you how to prepare and implement standardized work documentation forms as a powerful Lean tool to facilitate operator training, improve safety, improve quality and reduce variability.

  • Takt time, work sequencing and standard inventory

  • Providing the baseline for Continuous Improvement

  • Adding discipline to your company culture

  • Overcoming resistance to standardised work and dislike of inflexible structures

  • Standardized work as a learning tool 

  • Encouraging a problem-solving mindset and poka-yokes


Ligurian 2 | Workshop B | Business Transformation Summit

Process Controls Digital Transformation

Overcoming legacy systems in process controls to facilitate their integration with advanced data analytics tools and your wider process architecture is a significant challenge on both strategic and technical levels. This session will help you explore and assess the tools, techniques and best practices that can help you manage a seamless transformation program.

  • Acquiring or developing the rare skill-sets needed to get it right

  • Leveraging human resources efficiently and with the highest possible impact

  • Getting to the route of asset maintenance requirements  and sensitive operational environment considerations

  • Understanding the importance of security and the difficult dynamics between IT and OT team

  • Prioritizing projects based on technical realities and strategic objectives

  • Winning hearts and minds from initial planning, through deployment and onto operational use

Ligurian 3 | Workshop C | Culture Transformation Summit

Culture Transformation KPI and Metrics Development

Organisational culture is consistently cited as the biggest challenge faced by Operational Excellence and Transformation Leaders. In a dynamic, constantly changing environment where new technology and concepts enter the picture at an ever-increasing rate, it is possible for people to feel left behind. The trusted processes and sense of purpose they have had for their working lives can seem to have become redundant in the blink of an eye. Culture is a slippery concept that grows and changes constantly within an ecosystem - It is often hard to separate cause and effect. The only solution is to make every person an agent of change and give them transparency of purpose and ownership of the process. But, how?

  • We are emotional beings - Responses to change won't automatically update like software patches

  • Change must be continuous and not incremental - How can you give people cultural KPIs that resonate? 

  • Do leaders have sensible communication KPIs and are you well enough equipped as a communicator?

  • "What does a good culture look like?" or is the question "what does good look like for your culture?"

  • Becoming comfortable with a constant state of flux... Is that the secret to happiness?

  • The fundamental importance of celebrating diversity

Venetian 1 & 2 | Workshop D | Innovation Excellence Summit

3DThinking™. Going ‘inside the box’ to Manage Innovation and Transformation Shifts.

3D Thinking™ nurtures the concept of going ‘inside the box’ to tackle your challenges.

3D Thinking™ generates dimensional thinking for product and services development to produce something that has value, did not exist before, or used in a new way.

3D Thinking™ will facilitate a ‘shift’ in how you think, not what you think. The problem is ‘inside the box; not outside of it. Learn new ideas that willhelp create a better value proposition and set a higher price by synthesizing new insights and wisdom.

It will address

  • What do we know?

  • What do they need or want?

  • What will they pay for your solutions?

Your audience isn’t a monolith, so your products, services, and solutions shouldn’t be either. And with product and brand proliferation the consumer is begging for really innovative solutions to their perceived needs and problems. If you aren’t RE-INNOVATING, chances are you’ve dropped into the “price barrel” along with all the other “me too” products and services.

Conversations with plain talk for smart people will be punctuated with licensed movie and television scenes, ‘out of the box’ problems i.e.

What do you, as a college student, when you acquire a box car loaded with Chef Boyardee spaghetti sauce?

How do you put a sign on a building when the city prohibits it?

How do you offer the most requested incentive requested by used car salesmen, a Rolex Submariner, when Toyota doesn’t have the budget to provide them?

These and other real-world case studies will challenge creative problem- solving skills and reveal ‘inside the box’ solutions that become evident when 3D Thinking inspires greater awareness of overlooked connections between actions and consequences.

Key Takeaways:

Attendees will leave with an enhanced skill that will help find effective

solutions to their most complicated business problems.

Attendees will be shown the 3D Thinking techniques to…

  • Detect new opportunities using existing resources.

  • Discover your components.

  • Determine applications to product, process, marketing, and management innovative problem solving.

  • Develop, test and market.

  • Distinguish opportunities from distractions.

  • Deliver more persuasive presentations


  • James Feldman
    The Bright Idea Guy

Venetian 3 | Workshop Luncheon & Networking

Break into Workshops

Ligurian 1 | Workshop | Strategy Execution Excellence Summit

Aligning an Organization Post Merger and Acquisition

Mergers and acquisitions occur for any number of reasons.  From the process, there is a value that is expected to be realized.  The goal is to get there sooner rather than later. Often competing visions, values, emotions, etc. (a.k.a. fundamental conflicts) set the journey on a course of its own versus the course that captures the intended value and synergies in the timeline desired.   

In this workshop, we will review the key elements that should be in the post-M&A alignment roadmap, and then we will quickly get into covering methods to bring fundamental conflicts to the surface and address them in productive ways.   Participants will have active roles in exercising these methods as members of the acquiring company, the acquired company, and another surprise entity that helps make things just a little more challenging.



  • Creating a post-M&A alignment roadmap, what you need to have

  • Three exercises that will uncover fundamental conflicts so that they can be addressed

  • Ways to address the fundamental conflicts encountered

  • Lessons learned when using a roadmap to guide the journey

  • How to know you are in a good place relative to aligning the organizations during the M&A process

  • Steve Waszak
    VP Operational Excellence

Ligurian 2 | Workshop E | Technology Excellence Summit

Open Banking API Development Masterclass

Business leaders are waking up to the fact that Open Banking will impact their ability to remain competitive. By allowing access to data, processes and capabilities, banks can establish value creating ecosystems to help drive innovation and gain a competitive advantage. This workshop is geared towards those looking for execution strategies for developing API developer portal capabilities on a strategic level.

  • Learning cross-industry API best practice

  • Rationalizing your API strategy for new growth areas

  • Identifying value creation opportunities and prioritizing them 

  • Formulating a monetization strategy 

  • Engaging Developers to drive adoption

  • Planning for scaling up and accelerating



Ligurian 3 | Workshop G | Leadership Excellence Summit

Leader as Coach – A Lean Approach to Creating a Coaching Culture

If we were to sit and talk about your biggest challenges, I would expect to hear that the demands on your time are at an all-time high.  From back-to-back meetings to pressing deadlines, you are being stretched in a million directions. It’s clear that most organizations expect leaders, and their teams, to respond quickly to changes in a volatile competitive environment and to be “always on,” agile, and collaborative. Add to the fact, your teams yearn for professional development and growth.

In this day in age, how do leaders wear all these “hats” at the same time? What type of development do employees really want? According to Gallup’s research, it’s clear that employees want coaching and on-going development from their leader. In this workshop, we will explore the paradigm that a leader’s primary goal is to develop their people. And by applying coaching as a leadership style, you can create the right environment for your team to develop professionally and deliver sustainable results.

What attendees can expect from the session:

  • Understand what elements are required to create a coaching culture

  • Recognize that engaging employees is critical in developing sustainable results

  • Develop an approach to apply coaching as a leadership style

  • Learn how to facilitate a brief coaching conversation



  • Anthony Brunshtein
    Senior Business Consultant

Venetian 1 & 2 | Workshop H | Scaling Excellence and Agility Summit

Cutting Through the Noise - How can you use AI Solutions to Drive Excellence now?

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning solutions are often presented as a panacea to a diaspora of industry 4.0 problems; as with any innovative technology, there is a balance to be struck between risk and opportunity when managing adoption.

  • Do you need more clarity on integrating AI solutions to justify investing?

  • Do you need to put together a business case or risk assessment for AI adoption?

  • Have you wondered what opportunities you might be missing?

  • Are you concerned about being left behind the curve and losing your competitive edge?

This session will give you practical advice on the direct applicability of AI and ML solutions available Participants will benefit from:

  • A discussion on the limitations of AI solutions

  • An update on regulatory concerns 

  • An overview of worldwide AI innovation and development initiatives

  • Information on standards and best practice

  • Real world case studies of AI implementation outcomes

  • AI project performance measurement techniques

  • Matthew Marino
    AVP Lean Management- Operational Effectiveness


Main Stage Keynote:

Venetian 1 & 2 | Keynote | Business Transformation Summit

Next-level Business Transformation - The Winners will be Value-creating Ecosystems

The inherent connectivity of Industry 4.0 is already leading to a sharp rise in collaborative efforts to meet the scale and speed of change needed to satisfy customer demand. Value-creating digital ecosystems including customers, employees, suppliers, investors, innovators and related business networks are the next logical step in this development and Knowing your organisation’s role in wider value creation ecosystems will mean the difference between growth and extinction.

  • Defining your role as a leader or partner 

  • Increasing speed of delivery with the creation of shared asset platforms to pool data and software 

  • Optimization through resource sharing mitigate risk and share costs

  • The need for speed, agility and fluidity to meet product development and obsolescence cycles and respond to change

  • Cloud architecture to facilitate equitable use of shared assets and data and reduce costs

  • Rethinking value measurement and reward in a dynamic environment of CI

Ligurian & Venetian Foyer | Afternoon Coffee Break & Networking

Break into Workshops

Ligurian 2 | Workshop I | Strategy Execution Excellence Summit

How to Identify and Resolve “Points of Failure” in Business Processes

This workshop will walk participants through a structured approach for identifying, prioritizing, and mitigating “points of failure” in business processes. Participants will learn how to identify “weak spots” in business processes that are causing actual process failures, or that may cause a process failure in the future. Workshop will cover techniques to identify and eliminate the root causes of such failures with permanent corrective and preventative actions. Finally, the workshop will describe multiple approaches to prioritize solutions that maximize business impact while weighing cost of solutions.

  • Vic Nanda
    Head, Quality Capabilities and Consulting

Ligurian 2 | Workshop E | Technology Excellence Summit

Applying Lean Six Sigma to Healthcare Big Data Analytics

Many experts and publications have proclaimed Data is now more valuable than oil, but that doesn’t mean lessons learned from traditional operational processes can’t be applied to data analytics. This workshop will provide meaningful insight into the exigent healthcare data industry. We will dive into how to apply traditional lean and six sigma manufacturing concepts to a data centric industry to drive operational excellence.


·         Translating the Voice of the Customer to drive operational excellence

·         Applying Lean Six Sigma methodologies to data production

·         Reactive isn’t necessarily a bad thing

·         How to apply your skillset from operational excellence to big data analytics

  • Gil Marques
    Senior Vice President, Enterprise Operations

Ligurian 3 | Workshop G | Leadership Excellence Summit

Lean Transformation of Training and Skills Development

For your training and skills development program to be effective it needs to be aligned directly with value creation. This interactive workshop will look at transforming your learning and development with Lean methodologies to demonstrably maximise the flow of value to your end customer.

  • Conducting gap analysis on competencies

  • Mapping training to strategic goals

  • Identifying new opportunities for improvements

  • Setting meaningful metrics and KPIs

  • Linking activities to their final purpose

  • A Lean approach to skills shortages

Venetian 1 & 2 | Track F | Customer Excellence Summit

Your Customer is Singing - Are you Harmonizing or off-key?

The modern customer is highly informed, hyper-connected and demanding of seamless personalized experiences. 70% of customers say that they trust online reviews above brand statements. If you are hitting the right notes, your customer’s voice is your biggest enabler of growth; If not… well, you need to change your tune. 

This workshop will lead you through the key stages of developing an integrated strategy for measuring, aligning and delivering customer satisfaction excellence. 

  • Segmentation best practice and methods  

  • Developing meaningful customer centric metrics 

  • Effective measurement across all customer touch points

  • Developing customer satisfaction frameworks and processes

  • Improving the entire customer journey not just the sales funnel

  • Utilizing Inbound methodology to attract, engage and delight your customer through marketing, sales and service

  • Dispelling the myth that back-end services, supply chain and IT do not need a customer focus

  • How to engage across your organization to instill a Kaizen culture in all processes from engagement to strategy execution

Welcome Gala Reception - Open To All Passes (except Community Pass)

Day 3 - Wednesday | Main Summit | 25th March 2020

Main Foyer | Registration

Tuscan Ballroom | Breakfast & Networking I Meet our Sponsors & Exhibitors I View Poster Presentations


Venetian Ballroom | BTOES Opening Remarks

Venetian Ballroom | Chairperson's Welcome & Introduction to Keynote

Main Stage | Opening Keynote

Venetian Ballroom 3 to 5 | Keynote | Innovation Excellence Summit

Innovating culture!

Is it possible to unlock the intrapreneurial spirit within a big traditional multinational corporation? Airbus took a bet and tried it out. Louise Kyhl Triolo will talk about how in the pursuit of purpose; dreaming big, thinking wrong alongside resilience, grit and positive energy can bring a traditional command and control environment to experiment with the unknown and explore the possibilities of the future. 

  • Learn how a big multinational can go about changing culture

  • Which first steps to take towards creating the Intrapreneurial journey

  • Recommendations for what to do and what not to do

  • Tips and advice for making change stick

  • Louise Kyhl-Triolo
    VP, Intrapreneurial Culture Airbus Global & Talent Development

Main Stage Keynote: Morningstar

Venetian Ballroom 3 to 5 | Keynote | Business Transformation Summit

Future Of Work – Transforming for the Future

An engaging look into the future. What can we expect in the next 25 years in terms of technology, governments and even the future of humanity? How can we be prepared for that future? What lessons can we draw from the disciplines of bio-mimicry, technology and ethics? What are the soft and hard skills we need to survive in the future?

Anu George will predict key trends that will define the future and suggest approaches that leaders must take to survive and win tomorrow.


  • Anu George
    Chief Quality and Transformation Officer

Tuscan Ballroom | Refreshment & Networking Break in the BTOES Hub & Exhibit Hall.

Donatello Boardroom | Women in Operational Excellence Private Forum

| Women in Operational Excellence Summit

Women in Operational Excellence Leadership Private Forum

  • Anu George
    Chief Quality and Transformation Officer
  • Michele Malejki
    Global Head Sustainability and Social Impact Programs
  • Lisa Wardlaw
    Executive Vice President Global Chief Digital Transformation Officer
  • Anu Pujji
    Principal of Operational Excellence and Transformation
  • Padmini Nidumolu
    Co founder

Main Stage Keynote: Google Cloud

Venetian Ballroom 3 to 5 | Main Stage Keynote | Culture Transformation Summit

The Neuroscience of Change and How to Make it Stick

People inherently resist change. How do we harness what we know about the brain to prepare ourselves and our teams for change? Discover the different reactions to change and tips on how to manage change successfully. You’ll learn about your brain, how to relate to your teams, and leave understanding how Change Management can not only improve your odds of success in your transformation journey but also be a valuable investment in your people and culture.

  • Travis Hahler
    Americas Change and Culture Lead

Main Stage Keynote: Caesers Entertainment

Venetian Ballroom 3 to 5 | Keynote | Culture Transformation Summit

Developing an Action-oriented Mindset and Positive Culture to Drive Transformation

  • What does the future look like in the hospitality and gaming sectors?

  • How are we creating a positive culture to drive meaningful change?

  • What does it mean in real terms to develop an action-oriented mindset?

  • How are we managing to adapt to change at speed and ensure a continuous focus?

  • The super power of diversity: Increased vision, cultural improvement, bottom line results

  • Attracting and retaining millennials to the organisation

  • Avoiding the business death sentence - "We have always done it this way"

  • Rias Attar
    Vice President – Enterprise Project Management Office & Strategic Initiatives

Tuscan Ballroom | Refreshment & Networking Break in the BTOES Hub & Exhibit Hall.

Break into Summit Streams: 30 Minute Presentations

Ligurian 1 | TRACK A | Operational Excellence Summit

Leveraging Vendors to Drive Global Scale
  • Ensuring onboarding and maintenance best practices

  • Maintaining flexibility to enable adaptation to specific market conditions

  • Establishing governance and auditing procedures

  • Kelli Pierce
    SVP Operational Excellence

| Business Transformation Summit

Track Moderator

  • Donald Kuk
    Chief Transformation Officer, SVP Operational Excellence and Quality, Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt

Ligurian 2 | TRACK B | Business Transformation Summit

Managing a Large-scale, End-to-end Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Supply Chain Process Transformation

This presentation will give insights into the key pain points experienced in a large-scale transformation and how they were overcome, as well as discussing the effective management of resources to achieve strategic goals.

  • How we created sustainable transformational supply chain operations that consistently deliver quantifiable value to the organization

  • Incorporating oversight of all procurement, logistics, value-analysis (physician-centric) and supply chain analytical functions

  • Large-scale transformation of Quality, Planning, Warehouse and Production operations for major Sites

  • How we achieved a 12% Conversion Cost reduction and improvement of Quality, Safety and Customer service KPIs

  • Increasing visibility, traceability and compliance with Blockchain Technology, IoT and Rfid tagging

  • Rodney Leonard
    Director, Global E2E Product Supply

| Culture Transformation Summit

Track Moderator

Ligurian 3 | TRACK C | Culture Transformation Summit

Approaching Operational Excellence Culture – The Systematic Way

  • Allocating required resources (capabilities and competencies) to achieve excellence 

  • Establishing the required IT solution to manage OpEx expectations 

  • Management OpEx employees engagement methods 

  • Benchmarking types (internally, nationally and internationally) 

  • Awards participation to augment excellence concepts 

  • ISOs and external assessments participation to apply latest excellence practices 

  • Effects of training and international certifications toward enhancing OpEx culture 


  • Rami Shafiei
    Head of Operational Excellence Program

| Innovation Excellence Summit

Track Moderator

  • Anu Pujji
    Principal of Operational Excellence and Transformation

Venetian 1 & 2 | TRACK D | Innovation Excellence Summit

NOT your Grandparent’s Power Company – the Evolving Transformational Culture at Duke Energy

The increasing complexity of the external environment drove the need for digital capabilities at Duke Energy. We focused on fundamentally transforming the way we do business and serve our customers. By using continuous innovation, we are positioned to be competitive within the industry for the future while improving customer experience and enhancing field operations service standards. We soon realized that no transformation can succeed without a culture shift that serves as a catalyst for enterprise-wide business transformation.

We will focus on discussing how delivering digital products and desired outcome for our employees and customers could only be achieved through a dedicated effort and a new mindset.

  • How to challenge a hierarchical management culture and empower employees and teams

  • How to take diplomacy, spin, controlled power and layers of approval into a space that operates with transparency, honesty and trust

  • How to change project funding and iterate on value with timely deliverable 

  • How to take the illusion of perfect plans, failure avoidance and turn it to willingness to experiment, rapid improvement and learning

  • How to shift focus from traditional waterfalls milestones to fast delivery of minimal viable products

  • How to get the - Right product for the right users, increase engagement, readiness, and adoption 

  • How to convert change fatigue into inspiration and excitement

  • Dr Remi Raphael
    Director of Business Transformation

Venetian 5 | TRACK E | Scaling Excellence and Agility Summit

Operational Excellence a Value-based systems approach

  • Harnessing the value of understanding how people think

  • How to apply the theory to the systems level

  • Scaling from 400 - 4000 people across 4 different countries

  • How to add to agility not detract as you scale

  • Brian Strobel
    Vice President Corporate Quality

Bernini | TRACK H | Technology Excellence Summit

CMMI V2.0 Promises Delivered: Tangible Business Performance Results, Speed to Innovation, Optimized Agile Delivery and More


This presentation will focus on the results of CMMI V2.0 adoption in over 104 countries across the globe and how V2.0 is changing the face of performance improvement.

CMMI adoption has spread far beyond the confines of the defense industry to a wide range of commercial, non-profit and government organizations around the world in a variety of industries. Today’s CMMI Model maps best practices not only in product development and engineering, but also for service delivery and management and supply chain risk management to ensure delivery of robust products and services – and development is underway to extend the model to include new security and safety content.  Improving and benchmarking business capability performance has helped CMMI to develop expertise to enable organizations to achieve tangible performance results that bring to life the innovation journey for organizations seeking to create a culture of performance and quality. 

Currently, more than 60 V2.0 appraisals have been completed and are publicly available to review and examine to help other organizations accelerate their improvement and innovation. 

Key Take-Aways

  • Understand how CMMI V2.0 improves and benchmarks business capability and performance

  • Gain insight into the fundamental shift from compliance to performance resulting from CMMI V2.0 adoption

  • Learn about the new CMMI V2.0 Security and Safety content

  • Understand how CMMI V2.0’s open architecture for strengthens many methods, movements and frameworks – including Agile, COBIT, DevOps, DevSecOps, ISO, SaFE – and more

  • See tangible performance results from CMMI V2.0 from 2019 to date, including the Medical Device Discovery Appraisal Program

  • Learn how CMMI V2.0 is accelerating improvement and innovation

  • Understand the value of sustaining organizational persistence and habit (Culture eats strategy for breakfast!)

Additional Background:

  • ISACA and the CMMI Institute over seven decades of collective history working with the defense and then commercial industries to map best practices in software development, engineering and services to ensure delivery of robust products on schedule and budget at or above the target quality level.  Additional best practice model content includes CMMI V2.0, the latest and best the CMMI has provided to date, shifting from a process improvement to a performance improvement model and appraisal method.

  • Over this timeframe, the CMMI Institute has expanded CMMI adoption globally outside of the defense industry and is working with a wide range of organizations around the world in a variety of industries

CMMI Lessons Lived vs. Lessons Collected

  • While the CMMI has delivered value across this wide landscape of customers, products, and geographies the team recognized the need to simplify the model and bring to bear lessons learned

  • Make the model current with state-of-the real-world business practices

  • Move from compliance to tangible performance results

  • More accessible and easier to understand and less expensive to adopt

  • Enables clear and meaningful differentiation between suppliers


  • Ronald Lear
    Director of IP Development, CMMI Products & Services Chief Architect

DaVinci | TRACK F | Customer Excellence Summit

Bringing your Customer to the Center of Operational Transformation and Intelligent Automation Adoption

  • Bringing intelligent automation (IA) and change management together to drive customer experience

  • Identifying processes to digitise where IA can have the greatest impact on creating customer value

  • Becoming an operating model consultant to drive OCM

  • Creating vision before optimization


  • Mia Leondakis
    Vice President, Business Transformation and Automation

Michelangelo | Track G | Leadership Excellence Summit

The Leadership Talk

In today’s workplace, oftentimes the only constant is change.  How successfully agencies embrace and drive change has a direct correlation to leadership.  Similarly, in the aftermath of the final space shuttle flight in July 2011, NASA Kennedy Space Center experienced tremendous change.  Contrary to some speculation, the Center did not close but instead driven by visionary leadership, transformed into a multiuser spaceport.  As a result, the Kennedy Space Center is well postured, as NASA is once again called to land American astronauts, including the first woman and the next man on the moon by 2024 followed by an eventual  human journey to Mars in the not so distant future. Mr. Manning's presentation will highlight how this came to be.  He will share his personal insight on the criticality of leadership in fostering an environment that promotes innovation and engagement to solve complex problems to allow the Agency to accomplish its mission.  In addition, he will discuss how leadership, employee engagement, and empowerment defines the Agency’s core values to drive the culture, making NASA the best place to work in the federal government among large agencies for seven years in a row.  Fittingly, he will also address the importance of effective leadership in addressing change, aligning the workforce to the mission, growing employees through leadership development, succession planning, promoting diversity, inclusion, and learning how to fail; all critical factors in the pursuit of excellence.  

Key Takeaways:

  • Criticality of leadership in fostering an environment that promotes innovation and engagement to solve complex problems.

  • How leadership defines the Agency’s core values to drive the culture.

  • The importance of effective leadership in the pursuit of excellence. 

  • NASA remains the best place to work in the federal government among large agencies for seven years in a row.

  • Kelvin Manning
    Associate Director - John F. Kennedy Space Center

Venetian 3 | Track I | Strategy Execution Excellence Summit

Delivering Exceptional Operations Results: Breaking Inertia Through the Combination of Processes, People, and Measurements (KPIs)

  • How to break inertia by changing existing rooted perceptions?

  • What is the best process to achieve on-going continues improvements?

  •  How to harness the right KPIs to facilitate buy-in of people on all levels of the company?

  • The importance of focusing on tangible, visible results

  •  Creating a complete turnaround: from worst in class to BEST IN CLASS within few years. 


  • Dr. Elhanen (Eli) Abramov
    Executive Advisor and Director (ex EVP Global Operations in ADAMA)

Tuscan Ballroom BTOES Hub: Networking Lunch Break & Meet the Speaker

Networking | General Session

Meet the Speaker

The following speakers have agreed to host a table over lunch for a free-flowing and open discussion.

The speaker's names will be on the respective lunch table, simply select the speaker table you wish to join.

  • Yosi Kossowsky
    Culture and Business Change Management Leader
  • Dr. Elhanen (Eli) Abramov
    Executive Advisor and Director (ex EVP Global Operations in ADAMA)
  • Todd Golbus
    SVP Client Experience and Operational Excellence
  • Thom Keehan
    Vice President, Enterprise Quality & Operational Excellence
  • Dr Marlene Kolodziej
    AVP User Services
  • Steve Waszak
    VP Operational Excellence
  • Mark Whitten
    Director of Operations USA
  • Kelli Pierce
    SVP Operational Excellence
  • Jerry Storey
    Managing Director Regulatory Affairs & Compliance - Transportation
  • Dan McCoy
    Chief Operations Officer
  • Grigor Bambekov
    Head of Sustainability, Stakeholder Engagement and Community Investment
  • Travis Hahler
    Americas Change and Culture Lead
  • Mark Webber
    Strategic Program Manager Lead
  • Iassen Deenitchin
    Head of Global Process Management
  • Eoin O'Reilly
    Head of Digital Automation
  • Mark Arrigotti
    Global Head Procure to Pay
  • Dr. Keith Clinkscales
    Director Strategic Planning & Performance Management
  • Ed Brewer
    Vice President Operational Excellence
  • Joseph Dudas
    Vice Chair Supply Chain Management
  • Vic Nanda
    Head, Quality Capabilities and Consulting
  • Rias Attar
    Vice President – Enterprise Project Management Office & Strategic Initiatives
  • Kelvin Manning
    Associate Director - John F. Kennedy Space Center

Break into Summit Streams: 30 Minute Presentations

Ligurian 1 | TRACK A | Operational Excellence Summit

Accelerating Project Execution using the Scaled Agile Framework and Total Business Management

Increasing speed to market is not an optional objective for companies that want to survive and grow in the digital age, and competitiveness is determined by an organisation’s ability to develop innovative products, services and applications with speed and precision. Combining the benefits of Agile with Lean thinking, SAFe is an invaluable framework for allowing fast, sustainable development at scale.

  • Laying the foundation for SAFe adoption as an enabler of upskilling teams and growing capabilities

  • Using SAFe as a lever for strategic alignment and achieving cultural transformation

  • How can you manage visibility and measurement of ROI on  increased IT spending with Total Business Management?

  • Integrated approach of SAFe and TBM to avoid waste from misalignment of technology resources

  • What are the typical barriers to success with SAFe?

  • Execution best practices and tips and tricks from real world cases


Ligurian 2 | Track B | Business Transformation Summit

Systems Thinking & Approach: The Enterprise Operating System for the Concept to Cash Value Stream

Applying the fundamentals and using a systematic approach to your improvement is critical now more than ever.  Not only does our technology rapidly change, but so does the people using it. The fundamentals to the methods and tools have been modified, skipped, and/or politicized over the past decade leading to a deep approach rather than taking the first step of understanding how the enterprise operates. The structure and process must be in place for Strategic Planning, Policy Deployment, Annual Operations Execution, and Operational Excellence in order to keep your improvements sustainable.  The approach must be packaged so that all people can be part of and accept the change. Key elements from this talk will be:

  • Determining your Optimum Speed & Predictability through the fundamentals of analyzing current performance, capability, and entitlement.

  • Use what’s needed, not what the standard has forced upon you.  Finding the balance of Technical/Political/Cultural influences.

  • To know the difference between doing something Different versus Differently

  • Eliminating the Culture of Repetitive Problem Solving

  • Knowing if you are in a Recovery, Turnaround, or Transformation and the importance of using the right approach

  • Thom Keehan
    Vice President, Enterprise Quality & Operational Excellence

Ligurian 3 | TRACK C | Culture Transformation Summit

Instilling a Lean Culture Throughout the Organisation and Making it Stick

Organisations who are able to effectively develop a Lean culture through all levels of the business are able to remove significant resistance to change and increase the rate of project success dramatically. Aligning all of your people behind a Lean mindset is also key to sustaining improvements made. What steps do you need to take to transform your culture and unleash the power of Lean tools.

  • Top-down sponsorship is essential to success - How to engage C-level executives and ensure lasting support

  • Implement centralised learning to ensure the entire organisation is  on the same page with what it means to be ‘lean’ 

  • Make bespoke communications central to your strategy and make sure they are supported with the right technology

  • Inspiring and supporting Lean Champions through skills development programs

  • The importance of avoiding methodology tunnel vision and putting Lean tools in a wider strategic context

  • Choosing the right tool for the right job

Venetian 1 & 2 | TRACK D | Innovation Excellence Summit

Inspiring innovation enterprise wide

  • Helping your teams find their “Why”

  • Getting people out of their comfort zone so they can dream bigger

  • Steps to build and nurture a culture of innovation across your enterprise

  • The most effective exercises our firm does to focus on process improvement

  • What HFS uniquely does to earn a 99% client retention rate and world class net promoter scores

  • Dan McCoy
    Chief Operations Officer

Venetian 5 | Track E | Technology Excellence Summit

How Innovation and Digital are the Cornerstones to Mayo Clinic’s Supply Chain Future

In this session, Joe Dudas, Vice Chair, Supply Chain Management, Mayo Clinic, will share insights on:

  • What does it mean to innovate?

  • What is Digital and why is it important?

  • How does the Mayo Supply Chain intend to leverage Digital?

  • Why does healthcare need a Digital Supply Chain?

  • Joseph Dudas
    Vice Chair Supply Chain Management

DaVinci | Track F | Customer Excellence Summit

Connecting Customer Service to the Business Transformation Value Stream

  • Focusing the business process transformation group with a customer value approach

  • Identifying process improvement and automation opportunities and how to apply to the right process

  • Working with continuous improvement and RPA to join up processes

  • How to make process transformation more streamlined and structured

  • Subhro Gupta
    VP and Head of Business Process Transformation

Michelangelo | Track G | Leadership Excellence Summit

The Impact of Leadership Choices During Times of Transformation

What does it take to work with leaders who are at the helm of transformation to help them adopt a mindset that allows them to make purposeful decisions to drive forward in a world of rapid and constant technological change.

This session will look at inflection points where leaders have decisions to make that will have long-term impacts, and ask… What could have happened?

  • Where and when to invest in technology

  • Preparing the organization for change

  • Aligning organizational capabilities with org structures

  • Defining success measures

  • Balancing experience with efficiency

  • Allyn Bailey
    Talent Acquisition Transformation Manager

Bernini | Track H | Scaling Excellence and Agility Summit

TheLean Approach in GE Renewables

As a leading competitor in the energy sector, the GE Renewable Energy division has taken a unique approach to practicing Lean and Continuous Improvement by focusing on Lean Skills to improve autonomy at the site management level.

  • Renewed focus on Lean driven by the CEO

  • Appointing "pilot" sites to get quick traction

  • Setting up Lean Academies and Bootcamps for Site and Lean Leaders

  • Supporting the business Lean Leaders in their kaizens and continuous improvement efforts

  • Enabling mid-level management and increasing autonomy at the site level

  • Focusing on Site and Lean Leader skills growth

  • Jen Bhalla
    Renewable Energy Lean Director - Americas

Venetian 3 | Track I | Strategy Execution Excellence Summit

Process Management and Agile: A Joint Design and Implementation Approach

  • How to design and agile organisation around E2E customer and support processes

  • How to roll out agile and improve E2E processes in parallel

  • What the biggest challenges are in the implementation; and how to address them

  • What can go wrong; and how to fix it


  • Iassen Deenitchin
    Head of Global Process Management


Donatello Boardroom | Global Heads of Operational Excellence Private Forum

Donatello Boardroom | Private Forum | Global Heads of Operational excellence Private Forum

Strategic Boardroom Discussion

  • Lisa Wardlaw
    Executive Vice President Global Chief Digital Transformation Officer
  • Rajeeve Kaul
    Corporate Vice President
  • Anu George
    Chief Quality and Transformation Officer
  • Donald Kuk
    Chief Transformation Officer, SVP Operational Excellence and Quality, Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt
  • Rias Attar
    Vice President – Enterprise Project Management Office & Strategic Initiatives

Venetian Ballroom | Keynote

Venetian Ballroom 3 to 5 | Keynote | Leadership Excellence Summit

From Change Sponsors to Agents of Change - Leading a Re-imagined People-First Transformation

To remain competitive in the current business climate and ever-evolving stream of customer needs, we are being asked to do more and change faster than ever before. 

Traditionally, business optimization and transformation are initiated from a business-first mindset, with senior leadership defining desired business outcomes and timelines. But, people are the ones who need to make the changes.  And people have a change saturation limit. If that limit isn’t recognized or dealt with properly, it can be crippling for the program – and for the people impacted.

Too often, change management is not even considered until business implementations show signs of serious failure. Business transformations rarely achieve their full benefit.  This is often a result of the role leaders play in the change, plus the cultural hurdles that are only considered once projects are underway. 

During this session, we’ll look at: 

  1. What it looks like when people are considered from the formative stages of transformation strategy. 

  2. What active and visible sponsorship of change really means for organizational leaders – making them effective agents of change.  

  3. How to effectively support your teams as a change manager.  


  • Yosi Kossowsky
    Culture and Business Change Management Leader

Tuscan Ballroom | Refreshment & Networking Break in the BTOES Hub & Exhibit Hall.

Break up into Topic Specific Stand up Interactive Discussion Groups

Tuscan Ballroom | Discussion Session | General Session

Stand up Interactive Discussion Session

Join two back-to-back half hour interactive discussion sessions, led by members of the speaking panel. Choose between opportunities to focus in on specific outcomes or zoom out for discussions around tackling bigger picture challenges.


  • Will intelligent automation kill off happy accidents... Is it always such a bad thing to make decisions intuitively?

  • Managing (or Weathering) Global Trends - How can we meaningfully prepare for unknowns?

  • How is the US/CHINA trade war affecting strategy and what can we do to build resilience? 


  • Managing changes in technology skillset demands

  • Programmatic improvement of emotional awareness in Leadership

  • Automating transformation governance

  • Thom Keehan
    Vice President, Enterprise Quality & Operational Excellence
  • Benjamin-Josiah Huff
    VP, Product Management & Business Architecture
  • Kelli Pierce
    SVP Operational Excellence
  • Dan McCoy
    Chief Operations Officer
  • Dr Marlene Kolodziej
    AVP User Services
  • Yosi Kossowsky
    Culture and Business Change Management Leader
  • Todd Golbus
    SVP Client Experience and Operational Excellence
  • Grigor Bambekov
    Head of Sustainability, Stakeholder Engagement and Community Investment
  • Dr. Rodolfo Santamaria
    Vice President Global Supply Management
  • Anthony Brunshtein
    Senior Business Consultant
  • Mark Whitten
    Director of Operations USA
  • Steve Waszak
    VP Operational Excellence
  • Jerry Storey
    Managing Director Regulatory Affairs & Compliance - Transportation
  • Kelvin Manning
    Associate Director - John F. Kennedy Space Center

Tuscan Ballroom | Refreshment & Networking Break in the BTOES Hub & Exhibit Hall.

Break into Summit Streams: 30 Minute Presentations

Ligurian 1 | TRACK A | Operational Excellence Summit

The Approach to Human Manipulation: The Intersection of Psychology, Six Sigma and Change Management

Driving change in a world that is constantly changing has become more complicated.  Approaches of the past no longer work, or even have negative consequences. The balanced scorecard of six sigma has proven to be outdated in the multi-dimension world we live in.  

  • Examples of where metrics, balanced scorecard and incentives have gone wrong

  • Introduction of ethics into metrics

  • Getting more with less

  • Todd Golbus
    SVP Client Experience and Operational Excellence

Ligurian 2 | TRACK B | Business Transformation Summit

Agile Transformation in a regulated environment

Accelerate without stalling out: right-sizing Risk interactions with Agile

Key Takeaways:

  • How to enable empowered teams

  • How to establish sustainable Risk engagement with Agile delivery

  • How to integrate with waterfall requirements from other areas of the Firm

  • What behaviors and mindsets are needed

  • Benjamin-Josiah Huff
    VP, Product Management & Business Architecture

Ligurian 3 | TRACK C | Culture Transformation Summit

Elevating Quality Culture & Quality Competencies for a Global Workforce

Nokia has been on a quality transformation journey over the past 7 years which has now delivered nearly 1.5 Billion Euros of impact using a comprehensive quality transformation program. A key enabler of Nokia’s successful transformation has been a robust Continuous Improvement program which alone has delivered nearly one Billion Euros financial impact, and is powered by 1000+ Certified Lean Six Sigma Belts and a #LivingQuality culture. This is the story of how Nokia lives a “quality first” mindset with unwavering focus on customer first, execution excellence, and personal employee accountability for quality (I Own Quality). The presentation will describe how Nokia’s global continuous improvement program aligns with the needs of customers and Nokia’s business priorities, equips employees with the right quality competencies as per the needs of the business, and reports clear business impact KPIs – all supported with a vibrant grassroots quality culture program called #LivingQuality.

  • Vic Nanda
    Head, Quality Capabilities and Consulting

Venetian 1 & 2 | TRACK D | Innovation Excellence Summit

Designing a Roadmap to Optimize Short-term and Long-term Innovation

Innovation can be viewed as moving on two tracks. Firstly the longer term cycles that are still fundamental to proactively creating value to your customer and industry ecosystem, and then shorter term projects to respond to the ever-changing landscape of industry 4.0, its technology, disruptions and behaviours. It is essential that short term innovation feeds longer term projects and that they are adaptable to its findings; it is also essential that short term projects are in line with strategic goals and work beyond simply plugging holes and putting out fires.

This session will focus on best practice for delivering a holistic innovation roadmap based on agile methodology, giving you actionable takeaways at key points of the process.

  • Analysing and identifying key strategic issues and determining purpose in line with leadership 

  • Fostering a culture of reporting in tandem with the use of advanced data analytics - remember: Garbage in =  garbage out

  • Improvement of knowledge sharing infrastructure  

  • The fundamental role GBS can play and making the most of ERP tools

  • Building in flexibility to respond to a constantly changing paradigm

  • Developing clear criteria for project prioritization to prevent taking short term unsustainable wins over value adding programs


  • Raj Kumar
    Executive Director

DaVinci | TRACK F | Customer Excellence Summit

Managing Automotive Industry Change in line with ACES Mobility Trends

Autonomous driving, connectivity, electrification and smart mobility are the new watchwords for developing customer demand in the automotive sector. As each of these trends is developing at its own rate, traditional OEMs will need to take an interconnected view to manage this disruptive change and align their business models accordingly. 

  • What are the latest developments and forecasts in each area?

  • ACES implications beyond the automotive sector

  • Establishing whether new technology like ACES presents an opportunity or a threat 

  • Overcoming cultural and barriers to change and resistance to fundamentally new approaches and technology

  • Finding the resources to develop and test new approaches

  • Managing the complexity of integrating people, processes and technology


Michelangelo | TRACK G | Leadership Excellence Summit

Assessment as an Accelerant to Operational Excellence

One of the US’s largest energy companies shares what drove them to pursue Operational Excellence, and how they’re using assessment to accelerate their journey.

  • Duke Energy’s journey toward Operational Excellence

  • Why assessment and oversight are critical to Operational Excellence

  • Critical parts of an assessment program

  • Helping leaders value assessment

  • Self-assessment and external perspectives

  • Ed Brewer
    Vice President Operational Excellence

Bernini | TRACK H | Scaling Excellence and Agility Summit

Introducing Lean Continuous Improvement in the cannabis industry

The cannabis industry is relatively new, Lean Continuous Improvement is not.  Hear how Cresco Labs is combining these two elements by initiating a Lighthouse concept to serve as their operational model and a place of learning, and how that is being deployed across the country to support the fast-paced growth of the industry.  

  • How a Lighthouse was successfully put in place in this new industry

  • The role culture and principles are playing

  • How diverse operational processes come together to create unique value streams

  • Industry challenges and opportunities for Continuous Improvement

  • Mark Searcy
    Vice President Continuous Improvement

Venetian 3 | TRACK I | Strategy Execution Excellence Summit

Digital Transformation Driving Future of Operations

The world is becoming increasingly digital, with the latest technologies permeating all facets of an organization's operations. In order to keep pace with changing expectations and opportunities, it is imperative that our operating teams discuss future digital technologies and understand how they can make the most of these technologies in their day-to-day activities. Drawing on his own experience, Rajeev will provide a framework for digital transformation, positioning operations as the leader for change across the enterprise. And to ensure that your digital strategy has the greatest business impact, Rajeev will also illustrate how up-skilling employees and creating a culture that ' makes it happen' are key. 

i. A template to digitize your core 

ii. Key pointers on navigating the complexities of legacy and current systems 

iii. Implementation roadmap for a successful change management program to handle the transformation 

iv. Review of key factors facilitating a successful transformation 

v. Demonstration of cost-savings, efficiency gains and ROI through digital transformation

  • Rajeev Jain
    Vice President and Head of Finance Global Operations


Venetian Ballroom | Keynote Panel

Venetian Ballroom 3 to 5 | Keynote Panel | Women in Operational Excellence Summit

Moving the Needle from Awareness to Action in your Organisation

Gender inequalities in Business are now more visible but we still haven't made much real progress in doing away with them. What practical steps do you need to take to get the needle to move? 

  • Data led approaches - embedding stats when meeting with leadership team - performance management/roles/women 

  • How can men help to get where we need to be?

  • Programs and policies that help drive equality and make the environment more feasible for women to progress into leadership roles

  • Unconscious bias training - conscious leadership

  • Lisa Wardlaw
    Executive Vice President Global Chief Digital Transformation Officer
  • Anu Pujji
    Principal of Operational Excellence and Transformation
  • Padmini Nidumolu
    Co founder

Venetian Ballroom | Chairperson's Summary and Closing Remarks

Venetian Ballroom | Awards Gala Reception

Venetian Ballroom | Business Transformation & Operational Excellence Awards Ceremony

Venetian Ballroom | Awards After Party

Day 4 - Thursday | Main Summit | 26th March 2020

Main Foyer | Registration

Tuscan Ballroom | Breakfast & Networking


Venetian Ballroom | Chairperson's Recap From Previous Day - The Key Takeaways From Each Session

Venetian Ballroom 3 to 5 | Keynote | McDonalds

Venetian Ballroom 3 to 5 | Keynote | Strategy Execution Excellence Summit

Transforming Through Analytics in a non Technical World

Why do some transformations work and others don't? Experiences leveraging analytics across multiple industries to do transformation in companies.

This session will explore examples and situations where transformation has succeeded or failed with an emphasis on common themes from the speakers direct experiences. Participants will have an opportunity to hear:

  • How to think about the life-cycle of a transformation program

  • How to focus resources and energy on different aspects of the effort to get optimal outcomes with an emphasis on value creation and sustenance of efforts


  • Rajeeve Kaul
    Corporate Vice President


Break into Summit Streams: 30 Minute Presentations

Ligurian 1 | TRACK A | Operational Excellence Summit

Driving Operational Excellence in a Global Footprint

We’ve all witnessed operational excellence programs that start strong, only to fizzle in the face of an unexpected disruption that comes either from within the organization or from the external environment. In this engaging presentation, Greg will provide a rigorous framework and set of guiding principles, tips and do’s and don’ts for establishing an operational excellence program that will stands the test of time, even in the face of organizational change, technology disruptions and unexpected macro events. There will be time for Q&A.

  • A holistic framework for Operational Excellence that comprises Mission & Vision, Goals, Balanced Scorecard

  • The leadership traits required to drive a successful Operational Excellence program.

  • 3 C’s of Culture that are essential to ensuring the excellence program stays around for the long term.

  • Specific considering when the effort is global

  • Some case studies with accompanying do’s and don’ts


  • Gregory Lipper
    Chief Operating Officer and SVP

Ligurian 2 | TRACK B | Business Transformation Summit

Enabling and Delivering Operational Excellence (OE) Through Management System (OEMS) and Operational Discipline (OD) Deliverables

Sustainability is not the “weather of the day” – it is the “climate of the era” and it has come to stay. Failure to recognize Sustainability and demonstrate expected behaviors of Environmental, Social, and Governance responsibility will result in material risks, adverse effect on bottom line, and financial impact with complex Political, Economic, Social, Environmental, Legal, Financial, and Reputation implications on corporate reputation, operational, financial, and market performance. The future of Operational Excellence is to accelerate Global Sustainability while ensure stable, consistent, predictable, and sustainable Business Continuity. 

  • Why dynamic, constantly evolving, and combined Operational Excellence Management Systems are needed more than ever

  • How to define the “Size of the Prize” and deliver value through implementation of OEMS

  • Use of Lean Principles, TRIZ (Inventive Problem Solving), Plan-Do-Check-Adjust, and the Six Sigma Methodology to build new and improve existing OEMS

  • Why Operational Discipline (OD) system is needed to execute the Operational Excellence Management System

  • Bring OEMS to Life with Leadership to Life (L2L) – Sustain it with Operational Discipline (OD), Human Factors, and Behavioral Science

  • Executive Stewardship, Operational Leadership, and Tactical Ownership


  • Grigor Bambekov
    Head of Sustainability, Stakeholder Engagement and Community Investment

Ligurian 3 | TRACK C | Culture Transformation Summit

National Grid leverages Customer Value with E2E Process to Drive Culture Change

  • Explore why advanced process/performance deployments (i.e. Lean and Six Sigma) isn't enough on its own to create value and drive culture change

  • Learn how we evolved from capability build to value creation, and how it inspired different ways of thinking and problem solving

  • Learn how our Customer Value Stream and E2E workshops have opened the door to exponential movement in change

  • Discover how we empowered cross-functional front-line teams to deliver exceptional value through process improvement


  • Bryant Yee
    Vice President of Advanced Analytics, Performance Excellence and Automation

Venetian 1 & 2 | TRACK D | Innovation Excellence Summit

A View from Operational Excellence (Stanley Black & Decker’s Industry 4.0)

The introduction of Digital Age innovations combined with IoT, Cloud, Advanced Analytics, Blockchain and Machine Learning changed the industrial and service landscape. The convergence of innovative technologies helped organizations pivot from reactive to predictive and beyond. Stanley Black & Decker is an innovative manufacturing and service company that continues to be at the cutting edge of innovation and technology.

In April 2019, Stanley Black & Decker (NYSE: SWK) announced the opening of a 23,000-square-foot Advanced Manufacturing Center of Excellence, called “Manufactory 4.0,” in downtown Hartford at One Constitution Plaza.

The center serves as an innovation hub for the local region, helping Hartford continue its evolution as a leading market for advanced manufacturing in the United States. The Manufactory 4.0 is the home of the company’s STANLEY+Techstars additive manufacturing accelerator program, which is bringing some of the world’s most exciting advanced manufacturing startups to the city of Hartford.

Stanley Black & Decker build this facility in Connecticut, where their founder Frederick Stanley opened his first Bolt Manufactory more than 175 years ago and through collaboration with local partners, the Manufactory 4.0 center can help build on the state’s manufacturing legacy and establish it as a leading hub for the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Stanley Black & Decker’s Industry 4.0 success to date:

  • How the company improved collaboration between humans and automated technology,
  • leveraging connected machines to improve how plants collaborate and problem solve
  • Utilizing analytics to improve productivity and expand its U.S. manufacturing base.
  • "Lighthouse Factories" that have partially implemented Industry 4.0 across their facilities from manufacturing execution systems (MES), to 3-D printing, virtual reality and artificial intelligence.

  • Dr. Rodolfo Santamaria
    Vice President Global Supply Management

Venetian 5 | TRACK E | Technology Excellence Summit

Exploring the role of Organizational Competencies in Information Technology Outsourcing: A Holistic Case Study on Decision-making for Outsourcing of Cloud-based Services

Explore the decision-making process and particularly the criteria used by executive decision-makers for identifying and selecting organizational competencies when engaging in ITO for cloud-based services.

Executive decision-makers are not always able to anticipate and fully understand the implications of their ITO decisions for the long-term processes, capabilities, and performance of the organization.

•       Executive decision-makers face difficulties distinguishing between organizational core and noncore activities and competencies, and find it problematic to identify an outsourcing provider (vendor) with suitable resources, competencies, and capabilities as well as to establish an effective outsourcing agreement or relationship.

•       Although extensive research exists on ITO decision-making, there is limited research specific to ITO decisions for cloud-based services and implications for the long-term processes, capabilities, and performance of organizations.



•       The selection of organizational competencies to target for ITO for cloud-based services is based on the need to fulfill application, security, regulatory, or compliance requirements; to fill a gap; and/or to increase capabilities not found within the organization.

•       Organizational competencies selected to outsource to the cloud are not core to the business, and are identified through a process of either intuitively understanding the gap or using the expertise of an external vendor.

•       Decision models used for selecting organizational competencies for ITO for cloud-based services include a combination of formal decision models and common sense or intuition.

•       Redeploying internal resources to develop new products and services and to increase speed to market is a key outcome anticipated from ITO for cloud-based services.

•       There is a need to create contingencies for cloud-based outsourcing solutions, though those contingency plans vary based on the ITO strategy.

•       Security and risk management oversight to protect sensitive data and to ensure data privacy and security when engaging in ITO using cloud-based services is important.

•       There is a need for effective communication with the outsourcing provider in order to achieve a successful outsourcing engagement.

•       Those with previous experience implementing ITO for cloud-based services are more likely to experience a successful cloud-based outsourcing engagement.

•       The amount of vendor management required for ITO for cloud-based services is commonly underestimated.

•       Knowledge transfer to the outsourcing provider took longer than expected, which was not considered in the decision-making process.

•       The expected outcome was a reduction in total costs, including a reduction in capital expenditures, as well as salaries, benefits, and SLA management, but there were unexpected cost increases in other areas.

•       Outsourcing using cloud-based services is a means for increasing speed to market, including providing additional core competencies to the organization, leading to increased capacity, elevating the skills of retained employees, and increasing employee morale.

•       Lack of quality resources provided by the outsourcing provider resulted in a negative impact on the ability to move day-to-day operational tasks to the outsourcing provider, reducing the ability of employees to focus on strategic value-added activities.

•       Organizational processes that worked prior to outsourcing to the cloud were not adequate after moving to the cloud.

•       Gender-based differences in the perception of outcomes of their ITO engagements, and the need for an updated financial model for ITO for cloud-based services.

  • Dr Marlene Kolodziej
    AVP User Services

DaVinci | Track F | Customer Excellence Summit

Building Data-Privacy Compliance into your Customer Experience Excellence Programs

The General Data Protection Regulation is the most far-reaching data compliance regime to date, with extraterritorial reach, significant fines for failure to comply and significant restrictions on personal data use. How can you integrate compliance while minimizing restrictions on deriving value from customer data and eliminating risk?

  • Key elements of GDPR include: Consent to store and leverage data, the right to access that data, the right to be forgotten and the right to data portability

  • Overcoming significant cultural transformation challenges in environments where people have long been encouraged to make data capture a big part of their process

  • Managing compliance costs particularly for large organisations who rely heavily on large personal data sets

  • Leveraging Data Excellence Management Systems (DEMS) to automate compliance using AI and harnessing NLP to understand the compliance rules

  • Mitigating the risk of fines and reputational damage through rigorous training, development and support

  • Identifying process improvement opportunities and formulating a strategy

Michelangelo | TRACK G | Leadership Excellence Summit

'Leadership' or 'Servant Leadership' to build better organizations?

Traditional leadership propelled by exercising power at the "top of the pyramid" does not serve the needs of the customer and the Agile organizations anymore. Being the smartest person in the room, solutioning for the teams and sitting in a corner office is becoming irrelevant. Agile organizations are moving towards fearless, empowering and collaborative leadership which is also called servant leadership.

  • Insights into how to empower teams to deliver to their fullest potential

  • Enable the teams and individuals to evolve as leaders

  • How to promote collaborative culture

  • How to be a leader not a manager

  • Padmini Nidumolu
    Co founder

Bernini | Scaling Excellence and Agility Summit

Creating a Symbiotic Relationship with Startups in Healthcare R&D

The question on everybody’s lips is, how do you do something that’s never been done before?

With technological advances in advanced data analytics, AI, MI, Blockchain, AR fuelling healthcare innovation at an unprecedented rate, Pharmaceutical companies are increasingly partnering with trailblazing startups to accelerate growth and digital transformation. 

  • Identifying reciprocal partnership opportunities and effectively communicating value

  • Creating a startup incubator model by investing in pilots and scaling up to multi year collaboration and investment

  • Rapidly driving patient value with wearables, smart diagnostics and drug delivery 

  • Partnering with advanced data analytics companies to combine real time behavioural data with hard medical data 

  • Working with startups in over 100 countries to harness the best talent the world has to offer

  • Mentoring and growth acceleration programs for startups

Venetian 3 | TRACK I | Strategy Execution Excellence Summit

How Advanced Communications Skills Can Turbo Charge Change Management

Using Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) You Can:

  • Instantly imbue yourself with respect and recognition

  • Kickstart business relationships & improve in person meetings

  • Build stronger relationships – Get more accomplished with the same effort

  • Accelerate Change Management

  • Garner buy in – Address & Overcome Resistance

  • Using The 5 Modalities (Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic, Olfactory, Gustatory)

  • Speaking the same internal language as your audience

  • Improve Communication Accuracy

i.       Reduce Misunderstandings, Static, & Garbled messages 

ii.      Drive the behaviors you desire in your business partners and peers

  • Regional differences in communication styles

  • Knowing how to communicate in different cultures


  • Jerry Storey
    Managing Director Regulatory Affairs & Compliance - Transportation


Venetian Ballroom | Awards Winners Panel Showcase

Venetian Ballroom | Panel Session | General Session

Award Winners Panel Showcase

Each of our award winners will deliver their top 3 Golden "How-to" Tips and take questions from the delegation.

Tuscan Ballroom | Refreshment & Networking Break in the BTOES Hub & Exhibit Hall.

Technology Test Drive

Tuscan Ballroom | Technology Demos | Technology Excellence Summit

Technology Test Drive

Technology-based showcases in the leading technology domain like AI, Big data, IoT, Blockchain for Operational Excellence

“Collect ‘The Word’ from 3 Technology Test Drive Demo's and enter the draw for the Star Prizes

Each company presenting a Demo will say a special word during their presentation. It will have nothing whatsoever to do with the presentation, but everything to do with winning the Star Prize. Listen for the word, enter it against the relevant company, and then hand in your card.

All attendees start by choosing 1 of 5 simultaneous presentations, taking place every 10 minutes throughout the session. Choose any one of the companies listed below, who will be delivering ‘high-octane’ demo's on the very latest technology and solutions. At the end of the 1st presentation, you will be guided to the 2nd presentation, and so on. Explore some of the latest tech from industry-leading solution providers in the Exhibit Hall. See what each product and solution can do to help your organization along on your Operational Excellence journey.

Tuscan Ballroom BTOES Hub: Networking Lunch Break

Venetian Ballroom 3 to 5 | Keynote Panel

Venetian Ballroom 3 to 5 | Keynote Panel | Strategy Execution Excellence Summit

How is Environmental Sustainability Becoming one of the Biggest Drivers of Change?

How will organisations with environmental sustainability at the heart of transformation and innovation strategy gain the upper hand? 

How can you go about taking the initiative: 

  • Changing the leadership mindset from risk management to value creation

  • Getting environmental awareness rooted into your culture

  • Gaining a global perspective - Why is Europe leading the charge and how quickly will China take the lead?

  • Is the shift in focus from “shareholder value” to “customer value” a significant driver or little more than a rebranding exercise?

  • Regulation moves at half the speed of reality - those who wait to be told will lose

  • Bruna Braga
    Head of Partnerships, Solve
  • Michele Malejki
    Global Head Sustainability and Social Impact Programs


Donatello Boardroom | MIT Solvethon

Donatello Boardroom | Solvethon | Innovation Excellence Summit

Environmental sustainability Private Forum

An interactive innovation session focused on solving challenges around the circular economy.

  • Grigor Bambekov
    Head of Sustainability, Stakeholder Engagement and Community Investment
  • Bruna Braga
    Head of Partnerships, Solve
  • Michele Malejki
    Global Head Sustainability and Social Impact Programs
  • Dr. Elhanen (Eli) Abramov
    Executive Advisor and Director (ex EVP Global Operations in ADAMA)

Break into Summit Streams: 30 Minute Presentations

Ligurian 1 | TRACK A | Operational Excellence Summit

How Google Accepted LSS and LSS Changed to work at Google

Topic Intro: With revenues of $136B in 2018 and growth rates between 19% and 25% year over year, continuous improvement and efficiency might not be what comes to mind when you think of Google. But, in spite of its staggering growth, parts of Google have turned an eye toward employing process improvement to drive productivity and profitability. This workshop will focus on how a high-growth company like Google accepted continuous improvement and how Lean Six Sigma was modified to better fit Google. 

  • Learn how to modify LSS (continuous improvement) to fit a high-growth, complex culture like Google’s. 

  • Understand why Google might embrace continuous improvement and how the company changed to leverage LSS

  • See a real example of a continuous improvement project in Google, and how it differs from other companies. 

  • Learn how I evolved my own approach to better suit Google. 

  • Understand how Google instills a customer focus through continuous improvement.

  • Mark Webber
    Strategic Program Manager Lead

Ligurian 2 | TRACK B | Business Transformation Summit

Case Study: Uber's Procure to Pay Transformation

Learn about Uber's digital  transformation of it's Procure to Pay process.  Uber has leveraged process improvements and technology to advance it's operations while enabling a more cost efficient customer friendly service.

  • How to map out a transformation

  • Moving manual processes to digital; expected results

  • Transforming your workforce

  • Transformation impacts to your customers


  • Mark Arrigotti
    Global Head Procure to Pay

Ligurian 3 | Track C | Culture Transformation Summit

Supercharge Your Culture


Culture is the character and personality of your organization. It's what makes your business unique and is the sum of its values, traditions, beliefs, and behaviors.  You do not build positive workplace culture by providing free snacks to your employees, or by having gym facilities in your workplace! You begin building that positive workplace environment through relentless communication with employees, a winning organizational structure, clear, measureable and attainable goals, and employee engagement.  This can be a significant challenge, but with the correct approach, you can achieve world-class results. As a leader in your organization, you must understand the critical link between employee behavior, environment and the resulting workplace culture, ultimately impacting your business results!

This session will demonstrate the critical link between culture and results, and share how to impact your culture, through proven methods, and my personal journey!

Learn about:

  • Workplace Environment – working conditions and how they have a direct impact on workplace culture.

  • Organizational Goals– Do employees know and understand what the goals of the organization are, and how to achieve them.

  • Organizational Structure – Inch wide and a mile deep focused.

  •  Employee Engagement – Critical to drive a high performing culture.

  • Surveys – Listening and acting upon feedback from employees and The ‘Culture Plan’.

  • Performance Management – Regular, tangible feedback, 360 degrees.

  • Relentless Communication – Multiple tiers, both ways.

  • Leadership Approach – Hands-on, collaborative and accountable.


  • Mark Whitten
    Director of Operations USA

Venetian 1 & 2 | Track D | Innovation Excellence Summit

From the Disrupted to the Disrupter - Leveraging your Business Value to Become an Indispensable Agent of Change

Are you able to bring to mind a business sector that hasn’t been fundamentally changed as a result of the fourth industrial revolution? For some, wholesale disruption to business models has already forced an end-to-end transformation of technology, processes and skill demands, and for others that transformation is in full swing or becoming an ever more pressing need. 

As industry giants manage to find their balance after the slingshot blow to the head delivered by their more agile, lean, tech-savvy challengers, they are able to realign their focus towards the future, and ensure their place at the heart of formulating the shape of it. What are the key factors to consider in aiming to hit the next transformative innovations that will reinvent the way things are done in your world? 

  • Innovation needs to be thought of well beyond the confines of product and process

  • Leveraging resources and experience to engage in a more diverse set of innovation types

  • Product and service innovation is just the very tip of the iceberg

  • Forming an innovation partnership ecosystem with incubators, accelerators and even competitors

  • Growing a culture of innovation throughout your organisation

  • Communicating value to engage leadership to secure buy-in and investment

Venetian 5 | Track E | Technology Excellence Summit

Enabling AI Project Initiatives with Agile Development

AI fuelled solutions are an exciting prospect for dramatically increasing efficiency, quality and scale with abundant applications across most industry sectors. They are at present almost all high risk investments and present significant challenges to execute. Traditional linear, waterfall approaches to AI developments have proven to be unsuitable in most cases for developing and implementing AI solutions. Agile can provide the flexibility and speed needed to increase the feasibility and success of AI initiatives.

  • Why pre-defining solutions is particularly difficult for AI

  • Continuous learning and value driven re-prioritization 

  • Basing requirements on real-world observation and proven business value

  • What accelerations in value creation have been achieved?

  • What bottom line savings have been made?

  • What risks have been averted?

Michelangelo | Track G | Leadership Excellence Summit

Introducing the Digital Workforce of the Future with an Automation Change Management Program

  • Digital Automation Readiness

  • Key principles for successful automation change

  • Addressing the changing nature of work

  • Human & Digital worker collaboration


  • Eoin O'Reilly
    Head of Digital Automation

Bernini | TRACK H | Scaling Excellence and Agility Summit

Agile and Innovation Approaches to E-health and Telemedicine Technology

The opportunities presented by the application of new digital technologies to improve the end-to-end provision of healthcare are extensive and have opened the floodgates for innovation in treatments, medical devices, system and process management and patient engagement to name a few. Organizations face a complex decision making process to determine how to best create value from these disruptive technologies from R&D through to delivery.

  • What proven agile approaches can be utilised to get results?

  • How can you demonstrate ROI of specific applications of technology?

  • Using data-led decisioning and BPM technology to reduce risk and cost

  • Taking an ecosystem view to align incremental work with strategic objectives

  • Cases of telemedicine, e-health and digital technologies providing value in practice

  • An agile approach to assessing and prioritising value creation opportunities


Venetian 3 | TRACK I | Strategy Execution Excellence Summit

Gaining Complete Visibility of your Processes with Data Mining

Inefficient processes cause delays, inaccuracy and low quality outcomes and are not always easy to identify, let alone improve. With different business units and teams looking from different perspectives, each can have only partial or distorted views of processes. Add each individual’s subjective view of a process and you are unlikely to find a scientific analysis of its efficacy. In an age of constant high-speed change, processes are also often in a state of flux adding another layer of complexity. How can you get a totally transparent view of the end-to-end process to visualize in real time what is happening?

  • Seeing where there are solvable problems in processes with process mining technology

  • Getting a unified view of disparate data sets across your SSO and visualising data flows interdepartmentally 

  • Determining causes of deviations and determine solutions for fixing the process and conducting in-depth root cause analysis

  • How can data mining provide a platform to build a process digital twin to test and verify scenarios?

  • What needs to be considered in selecting data mining technology to find the best fit?

  • Training to upskill analysts and other team members to use data mining


Venetian 3 to 5 | Keynote | Delta Airlines

Venetian Ballroom 3 to 5 | Keynote | Culture Transformation Summit | Business Transformation Summit

Managing Disruptive Change in the Aviation Industry Supply Chain

  • Managing unprecedented change brought about by new technologies, continued consolidation, and emerging markets

  • Strategic MRO growth management

  • Building and maintaining strategic global partnerships

  • Inventory management 

  • Meeting increasing customer demand

  • Atif Meraj
    Global Head Supply Chain Operations

Venetian Ballroom 3 to 5 | Keynote | Munich Re

Venetian Ballroom 3 to 5 | Keynote | TechXLive | Technology Excellence Summit

Digitalization: How to move from hype to Generation of Business Return

  • The current state of the digital revolution

  • Where companies are investing versus revolution expectations 

  • How to apply in operations; a practical guide

  • Overcoming key hurdles to deploying in current state organsiations

  • Lisa Wardlaw
    Executive Vice President Global Chief Digital Transformation Officer

Tuscan Ballroom | Refreshment & Networking Break in the BTOES Hub & Exhibit Hall.

Venetian Ballroom 3 to 5 | Keynote | Innovation Excellence Summit

Venetian 1 & 2 | Keynote | Innovation Excellence Summit

The Importance of Enduring Technology Partnerships to Future Success

  • Developing new health care delivery models, technology and retail innovations to advance and improve the future of health care

  • Leveraging technology to make health care delivery more personal, affordable and accessible for people around the world

  • The fundamental importance of strategic technology partnerships to the future of health care provision

  • Overcoming complexity in the provision of frontline care


Venetian Ballroom 3 to 5 | Keynote Panel | Business Transformation Summit

Venetian Ballroom 3 to 5 | Keynote Panel - Quickfire Presentations and Discussion| Business Transformation Summit | Business Transformation Summit

The Secrets to Large-Scale Business Transformation Success

“Fewer than one third of organizational transformations succeed at improving a company’s performance and sustaining those gains” and “the success rate of digital transformations is even lower.” (McKinsey)

Three top leaders of high performing large-scale transformation projects will deliver a ten minute presentation to give you insights into best practices followed by a Q & A discussion session

  • What were the key drivers for transformation?

  • What are the strategic goals of your organisation’s transformation initiatives?

  • What do you consider to be the biggest enablers of our successes?

  • What elements of our transformation processes could be improved?

  • What makes sustainable change possible?

  • Mark Arrigotti
    Global Head Procure to Pay
  • Raj Kumar
    Executive Director

Venetian Ballroom | Chairperson's Summary and Closing Remarks

Day 5 - Friday | Post-Summit Workshops and Site Tours | 27th March 2020

Venetian Foyer | Breakfast and Networking

Break into Workshops

Ligurian 2 | Workshop | Customer Excellence Summit

Leveraging Customer Journeys to Create end-to-end Manufacturing Value

Attendees will learn an end-to-end approach to creating a continuous value cycle of customer insight, R&D, Manufacturing and go-to-market strategy

Leading methods for understanding your customer

  • How do you go about converting customer data to real strategy?

  • How accurately is customer data being linked to NPD?

  • Improving the process - moving from R&D and small batches to marketing 

  • Cultural adoption of customer focus

  • Feeding project teams

  • Integrating Manufacturing Strategy with Marketing Strategy

Ligurian 1 | Workshop | Business Transformation Summit

Enterprise Business Agility Transformation – People, Process and Technology

Enterprise Business Agility (EBA) is a model developed to help organisations manage complex Transformation in a holistic, iterative manner in recognition of the paramount importance becoming adaptive ecosystems, capable of changing at pace to remain competitive in today’s markets. 

  • Benchmarking tools against EBA best practice

  • Clear delivery of priorities throughout the business and alignment under strategic goals

  • Transparency of initiatives to overcome bottlenecks and conflicts 

  • Systematically define targeted growth plans against current capability limitations

  • Make the most of critical assets, company values and talent to increase speed-to-market

  • Become an agile, innovative organisation regardless of size

Venetian Foyer | Refreshments and Networking

Break into Keynotes

Venetian 3 | Keynote | Culture Transformation Summit | Culture Transformation Summit

Why is Sustaining the Effects of Operational Excellence Programs so Difficult?

To achieve lasting success, Operational Excellence programs need senior leadership champions and to resonate with owners of the processes that are being improved as part of a deep-seated understanding of company culture and vision. What steps can be taken to actively improve the chances of success?

  • Creating KPIs that demonstrate engagement and sustaining change

  • Are Six Sigma and Lean experts adequately equipped to communicate with CXOs?

  • Aligning metrics with indicators of strategic success

  • How can Operational Excellence leaders better support the organization in becoming flexible enough to deal with rapid change, disruption and external pressure?

  • Developing integrated frameworks that stand up to the realities of today’s business environment 

  • Training operational excellence leaders to understand the complex ecosystem in which their projects sit

Venetian 5 | Keynote | Innovation Excellence Summit | Innovation Excellence Summit

Unlock the Secrets of Creative Thinking

This interactive session will teach you how to become a leader people  actually want to follow. Participants will leave with a clear and compelling plan as to how they might ignite and connect with their own innate creative leadership.

  • The “Secret Sauce of Creative Leadership” is a fun and powerful learning experience that teaches through story, learning engagements, and reflective practice. 

  • Participants will be introduced to the art of suspending negative judgments, asking penetrating questions and practicing precise observation.  

  • This session provides a rich tapestry of discoveries, insights and next steps that can be applied to both professionally and personally.

  • Karen Tilstra
    Co- Founder

Site Visits

Site Visit | Meet Loewes Portefino Bay Lobby | General Session

Disney Business Behind the Magic Tour

Includes park ticket to enjoy the Magic Kingdom at your leisure after the tour)

Private & Bespoke Business Tour by Top Disney Executive of Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom
The Walt Disney World® Resort

The Walt Disney World® Resort Business Private & Bespoke Behind The Magic Tour (Includes park ticket to enjoy the Magic Kingdom at your leisure after the tour)

This is a special private & bespoke tour that is exclusive to BTOES20

The tour is your opportunity to engage with experienced Disney executives taking you behind the scenes to explore firsthand how Disney business insights and time-tested methodologies are operationalized to deliver, innovative, employee engagement & great customer experience.

Experience the backstage areas,  see how the Walt Disney World® Resort creates an engaging and supportive environment for the Cast Members, understanding it's great leadership strategies. (Featuring the core competency of Employee Engagement).

Take a stroll through this turn-of-the-century walkway inside the Magic Kingdom® Theme Park to better understand how we strive to exceed the expectations of our Guests (Featuring the delivery concepts of exceptional service).

Journey beneath the Magic Kingdom® Theme Park to visit support systems designed to improve the experiences of Cast Members and Guests alike. Discover how we use simple tools to engage and empower Cast Members to create lasting customer relationships that drive repeat business and customer loyalty (Featuring the core competencies of Employee Engagement and Service).

This is business focused tour price includes roundtrip transportation and a park ticket to enjoy the Magic Kingdom at your leisure after the tour. 

Core competencies of Cultural Transformation, Leadership, Innovation, Employee Engagement, and Customer Experience will be covered. 

Site Visit | Meet Loewes Portefino Bay Lobby | Innovation Excellence Summit

Florida Hospital Innovation Lab Site Tour
Tour of Florida Hospital Innovation Laboratory (FHIL)

The Florida Hospital Innovation Lab, aka, "FHIL" is  an award winning innovation lab located smack dab in the heart of Florida Hospital Orlando. FHIL is a fully facilitated design thinking space.  It was created to be a low barrier, easy access, for all Florida Hospital employees, community stakeholders, and health care companies.

FHIL opened in 2012 and has run more than 500 design thinking projects, with more than 5,000 health care professionals, students and community members. FHIL also has educated more than 1500 university students on design thinking.  

More than 40 healthcare companies have come through FHIL’s design thinking process. Each company engaged in deep empathy experiences where they gathered new insights to better understand to challenges and future needs.

FHIL embodies Florida Hospital's co-creative spirit, and exists to collaboratively solve health care’s biggest challenges. Teams of doctors, nurses, directors, administrators— anyone who has an idea of how to improve the services we provide—work together toward the betterment of patient care.

This collaborative spirit is a hallmark of the care Florida Hospital  provides. Bringing different people together from various facets of medicine to work together toward a common goal helps us solve challenges with better efficiency within our organization and with greater benefit to our patients. Collaboration allows us to create today’s best possible health care services, and innovate ways to continually improve them for tomorrow.

We're a group of people who believe everyone is a creative problem solver, therefore we create space for creative problem solvers to thrive.

Takeaways from the Tour

  • Learn how FHIL originated in such a large, complex, organization. 
  • Hear Innovation stories from the past 6 years of serving Advent Health (formerly Florida Hospital)
  • Learn the psychology behind what it takes to create and sustain an Innovation Lab
  • Learn design thinking mindsets, skills and process.
  • Learn how design thinking is used with all innovation teams
  • Learn the facilitation approach FHIL has adopted.
  • Learn the way in which front lines employees are connecting and sharing ideas with top leadership on a consistent basis


Detailed Agenda:

12.00pm                   Gather at Loews Portofino front entrance roundabout. Staff members will be present to guide you. 

12.15pm                       Depart from Loews Portofino

Drive from hotel to FHIL approximately 40 minutes

Greeting in Ginsburg lobby

Arrive at FHIL

Tour of the space

Meet the FHIL Team - How we came to be

Intro to FHIL - philosophies, history, process, short videos

Tour of FHIL spaces

Interactive Improvisational activity - demonstrating how teams are built

Showcasing of FHIL offerings

Stories of Effective DT projects - FH Team members share their project

Rapid Prototyping Experience -


3.30pm - Drive back to hotel - approximately 40 minutes

Additional information